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Question 1

Which nail is larger : a 16 penny, or a 6 penny?

16 penny
6 penny
Same size
New Jersey
With nail size, the larger the "penny" number, the larger the nail.

Question 2

Why are walls painted flat, and trim painted gloss?

Because that´s how Mom did it.
Because flat paint goes farther.
Because flat paint helps hide flaws.
Because gloss paint sticks better.
Since most walls have a few flaws due to warped studs, or dings in the sheetrock, flat paint is used to help hide the booboos. Gloss paint is more washable, and is used on door casings, window trim, and places where people touch.

Question 3

How many amps does a 100 watt, 120 volt light bulb use?

To determine amperage, divide watts by volts. 100 watts divided by 120 volts is 0.83 amps.

Question 4

What is a transom?

What you pay tkidnappers.
A door.
That thing that surveyors look through.
A window.
A transom is a window above a door. The thing surveyors look through is a transit.

Question 5

Which direction should a ceiling fan blow in summer?

In summer, a fan should blow down to get the cooling effect of moving air. In winter, it should blow up, so that the heat - which naturally rises - is pushed across the ceiling and down the walls.

Question 6

Why is there a P-trap under your sink?

Because my closet is full.
To keep out sewer gas.
To prevent condensation.
It was there when I moved in. It´s not my fault.
The P-trap is the part of the drain that is bent to look like the letter P. The bottom of the P-trap is full of water so that sewer gas won´t back up into your house.

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