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Question 1

What is a rafter?

A guy in an inflatable boat
A piece of lumber that supports the roof
A piece of lumber that supports the floor
All the above
Rafters run from the top of the wall to the peak of the roof.

Question 2

What is a hip?

The part that hurts when it is getting ready to rain
Where 2 adjoining slanted roofs meet
James Bond
All the above
Where the roof slants up to the peak from adjoining walls, it forms a hip.

Question 3

What is a gable?

That guy who, frankly, doesn´t give a damn
That lady who was a pin-up girl in WWII
A vertical wall that comes to a point at the roof
All the above
When opposite sides of the roof slant to the peak, the non-slanted side of the house is a gable.

Question 4

What is a fascia?

When some lady rubs stuff into your face
The vertical edge of the eave
Italian bread
All the above
The fascia is the part of the eave that the gutters are attached to.

Question 5

What is a ridge?

The peak of the roof where the rafters meet
The guy in charge of homeland security
A place where cowboys are always going over
All the above
The ridge is where the rafters meet ( presumably after they put the boats away ).

Question 6

What is a sub-floor?

What guys on submarines walk on
The part of the floor on top of the joists, but under the carpet or hardwood
All the above, except #1
All the above
The sub-floor is usually plywood, and is quite often the part that squeaks.

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