Color Matters When Painting Your Home

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Does it matter what color I use?

Color Matters When Painting Your Home

There are families of colors that work very well on homes, and some that don't. As far as your personal tastes are concerned the sky is the limit. There is an old saying in painting that people should let their neighbors pick the color of their house because they will be looking at it more than you will be. That's still up for debate, but what's for certain is that some color schemes are more durable and longer lasting than others.

Switching from dark colors to light and light to dark also can be tricky. An example of colors requiring more work and maintenance would be dark reds, yellows, purples, and greens. Often time these colors require much more colorant to be added to the paint and that it doesn't leave much room for the ingredients that give paint its durability. The result: poor hiding or covering of colors, which means additional coats of paint to produce the same effect that would normally be needed if your color choice was more neutral.



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