Extension Cords Bring Everything into Reach

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Extension Cords Bring Everything into Reach

Who doesn't have a set of extension cords in their desk or home toolbox? Whether it's to attach multiple sets of appliances or lights, or bring electrical items or tools closer, they are a staple of household tasks.

Although many people may think that extension cords are universal, there are different types to accommodate different environments and electrical currents. There are charts online and in stores that will provide recommended cord gauge and length for the plugged in voltage. Outdoor cords are thicker and can better withstand weather conditions. Indoor ones are often recognized by their green, brown, or white thinner cords. There are also ones that can alternate between indoor and outdoor use, and ones specially formulated for heavy appliances. With multi-outlet extension cords, your items are spaced apart, rather than their plugs grouped together into one compartment. For more room, try a wireless extension. Plug your items into wherever your satellite is, and it's read by the base plugged into your wall. You will never have problems making something reach!



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