Shelf Paper Brings Much to Little Spaces

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Shelf Paper Brings Much to Little Spaces

Shelf paper is an inexpensive and easy way to perk up smaller spaces. Lay waterproof lining in the under the sink kitchen and bathroom cabinets and say goodbye to scuff marks and drips. Prevent glassware, mugs, and vases from slipping off of shelves by setting them on nonskid or grid shelf paper. Freshen up clothing drawers with scented lining. Cover closet shelves with a paper that reflects the room's décor. Changing tables, toy bins, and home office supply containers go from bland to bouncy when a little touch of shelf paper is applied.

Try reversing your decorating: decide on the colors and patterns for the smaller areas first, and then let the overall room character follow. This is a fun way for family members to discover new creative ways to add their own personas to a home. Cookie containers, pet treat jars, knife blocks, toothbrush cups, tissue box holders, and other extras are more ways to let a bit more design come through.



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