Moth Balls Preserve Cherished Items Through the Seasons

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Moth Balls Preserve Cherished Items Through the Seasons

If you're not using moth balls to preserve delicate or wool blankets and clothing, you may be risking irrevocable damage. Moths, silverfish, and mice can squeeze into extremely tiny spaces and chew on your treasured belongings, often undetected before it's too late. By placing moth balls and delicate items together in airtight garment bags, storage bins or trunks, you prevent any harmful critter from feasting on your possessions. The sealed environment allows for the chemicals to build up and create an air that deters critters, that are either just within the bag or become absorbed by the container.

Moth balls are usually sold in packs, and are for one-time use. When you're ready to take your things out of storage, open them up in a well-ventilated room or preferably outside. Discard the repellent, add some scented fabric to your belongings, and wash to freshen. When it's time to pack them away again, seal them back up with new moth balls. It's a quick and convenient way to preserve your favorite clothing.



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