An Outdoor Clothes Dryer for All Yards

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An Outdoor Clothes Dryer for All Yards

When you think of an outdoor clothes dryer, do you picture a large yard? Sure, it's nice to have considerable space between laundry, the patio, and the garden, but there are dryer shapes and sizes for all settings. Umbrella and foldable styles are viable options for tighter spaces. Hang underwear and socks racks from single- and double-rotary styles; tower, accordion, and fan shapes are also handy, especially if yard space is shared. For larger items such as blankets, drapes, sheets, slipcovers, and towels, make sure they're hung from horizontal parallel lines.

If you're using something not labeled specifically as an outdoor clothes dryer, make sure that it has a line or shelf coating easy to keep clean. For dryers that are permanent fixtures outside, use a cover to protect it from the elements and animals. Whether you have your own washing machine or need to use the laundromat, having an outdoor clothes dryer is eco-friendly and conserves energy, and who can resist that fresh-air scent?



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