Gas Mantles Set the Campfire Ambience

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Gas Mantles Set the Campfire Ambience

It's amazing how a pair of gas mantles can create quite the campfire mood! These tiny fabric bags are what make the campground and log cabin lanterns literally light up the evening. Metal and cerium nitrates within the fabric are released when the mesh is lit, thus leaving a shell to provide hours of natural flame. Preformed gas mantles for interior models have a stronger degree of brightness than the clip-on or tie-on models commonly used for vehicles, but all types are easy and quick to use.

Hard inverted, soft inverted, and upright gas mantles are mostly found for exterior models, but double-check that you are using the right kind. Lanterns and mantles make for nice conversation pieces on an end table, in a three season room, or in a workshop. Some lighting accessories that resemble the street lamps of yore are actually these in larger form. Bring camping closer to the home front with simplicity and timelessness.



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