A Variety of Light Bulbs Makes a Room Unique

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A Variety of Light Bulbs Makes a Room Unique

Gone are the days when standard bright white incandescent light bulbs filled every room. Wrinkled- or rippled-style flame-shaped bulbs dress up decorative lamps and chandeliers. Large candle-shaped ones, clear or frosted, stand out in ceiling fans, while smaller sizes make nightlights shine. Blacklights and subdued hues of pink, red, or blue make an ordinary room party central for your next birthday or Halloween bash. Halogen light bulbs are stronger in luminescence and show off under cabinet curios with crystal clarity.

Chances are you're quite familiar with the spiral shaped CFLs (compact fluorescents). They're more energy-efficient and look tailor-made for recessed ceiling outlets. Regular fluorescents provide the necessary lighting for fish and plants and are good sources for lighting in kitchens and garages.

When balancing the effects of general and accent light bulbs within rooms, experiment with wattage, shape, and level. Do you want a torchiere lamp to only reflect a certain corner or flood the room with illumination? Are there just the vanity lights in the bathroom or is there a single light that can also be switched on? Do you want to recreate a dimmer candle affect in an area? There is a bulb for every possibility.



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