Hardware Supplies Should be a Staple of Everyone's Home

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Hardware Supplies Should be a Staple of Everyone's Home

Everyone has a spot in their home, a nook where they keep a set of hardware supplies. This is (to some degree) literally the nuts and bolts of keeping your home in order. A good starter kit of hardware supplies should include a hammer; flat head, Philip's, and ratchet screwdrivers; various nails, screws, nuts, bolts, and washers; a flashlight; a headlight for hands-free work in the dark; adjustable and Allen wrenches; pliers; measuring tape; sandpaper; a level; a battery charger; handsaw; a drill; a variety of extension cords and adaptors; and masking and duct tapes.

You can usually find these tools in a size that fits your strength, as well as for traveling convenience. Cordless power tools and combination tools (such as a screwdriver that fits inside a hammer's handle) are great if you have limited storage space. Outfitting your selection of hardware supplies is fun because it's a vital part of your home being everything you want it to be.



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