Plumbing Fittings Augment Clear Drains

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Plumbing Fittings Augment Clear Drains

The simplest way to know that plumbing is on par is if there are no clogs or a noticeable decrease in draining flow. Plumbing fittings take care of that. For bathtubs, overflow tubing and drain fittings should keep everything balanced, while a closet flange takes care of toilet drainage. A trap primer maintains seals so that toxic gases do not build up, and is aided by a sanitary tee, which helps the water continue to go into the traps.

For plumbing fittings that are at 45 degree angles, a wye tee (as its name suggests) sets the course. A prime example of a wye and 45-degree elbow is the combo tee, a curvature that provides easier access for an auger or snake should blockage occur. Do you always have to remove major components or pipe systems to get to a clogged drain? Not necessarily, if you have a clean-out. Your set of plumbing fittings would not be complete without a few of these. All it takes is several add-ons to have the water flow where and how it belongs.



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