Plumbing Supplies Keep Everything Flowing

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Plumbing Supplies Keep Everything Flowing

How extensive is your set of plumbing supplies? Are you ready for on-the-spot tasks or repairs? Plumbing involves more than just a plunger, “snake,” or drain stick for clogs. Ideally, you should have angle or straight-stop shut-off valves under each sink, so that you can attend to individual repairs instead of shutting off all water.

Having a spare float valve kit saves time and maintenance interruption if there are sudden toilet tank issues. Different styles of tools may be required for working with pipes. Round or long nose, tongue and groove, and slip joint pliers, socket, pipe, and crescent wrenches, and hack and circular saws make for comprehensive plumbing supplies.

If you're more experienced or interested in a greater level of plumbing, yoke or chain vises, power threading machines, and soldering, flaring, and crimp tools further your collection. Add pipe cleaning abrasive cloths to your plumbing supplies, and you're prepared for anything.



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