The Stove Pipe Safely Regulates Wood Burning Heat

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The Stove Pipe Safely Regulates Wood Burning Heat

What's the secret to a well-functioning wood burning stove? The venting system, otherwise known as a connector or stove pipe. It should be in an interior direct vertical line from the stove to where it's connected to its exterior venting outlet. Determine the proper gauge by measuring the interior diameter of the flue, and install with its “male” end down. This configuration prevents the toxic residue, creosote, from accumulating onto the floor or the stove's surface.

Stove pipe is needed for the chimney pipe to then be installed through the point of exit, which would be the ceiling or wall. Choose between a single pipe that provides at minimum 18 inches of clearance from the wall, or a double, better suited for smaller rooms, with a clearance of 6 inches minimum. Single and double models cannot be combined, so if height requirements need to be achieved, a heat shield, adjustable slip joints, or specially made shears can reduce the fitting.

A decorative flue cover nicely conceals where the stove pipe has pierced the wall, and both the damper and the draft control adjust the heat and cooling outputs.



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