Water Pumps Help Prevent Flood Damage

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Water Pumps Help Prevent Flood Damage

Think water pumps and you probably picture pools, aquariums, and hot tubs. What about flood damage from rain, melting snow, living near the ocean, or an overflowing appliance? It doesn't take much of a crack in the foundation or from an upper floor for water to amass and destroy your home.

There are floor level and submersible water pumps, also recognized as “sump” pumps. Use a flow chart to determine what model would be most efficient, in terms of GPM (gallons per minute it can remove) and length of discharge line. The discharge line releases the water outside, and should not have the fluid return directly back to your foundation, create a problem for neighbors, or depending upon where you live, flood into the sewer system.

When not in use, check on the line periodically for damage or in colder months, for freezing. Pipe insulation and Styrofoam are two easy ways to protect the line, as well as trying to keep it below ground frost level. Water pumps that have screens to catch clogging material, and float switches to adjust to changing levels of fluid, eliminate additional concerns that may come from an already messy situation.



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