Premium Paint Brushes Enliven Colors

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Premium Paint Brushes Enliven Colors

How exciting that you're about to freshen up the outside of your home! Stick with the right paint brushes to achieve the look you want, whether merely a fresh coat to brighten the façade or an entirely new design. The choice of synthetic or natural bristles depends on the type of paint or staining used. Polyester, nylon, and poly-blend brushes work well with acrylic, latex, and water-based paints and wood stains. Brushes made with animal hair are best for shellacs and oil or alkyd paints and finishes. Paint brushes with wider stiffer bristles are good for large areas such as walls and doors, while smaller angled ones are perfect for moldings, sashes, and anywhere requiring delicate edges.

Always use the same brush for the same type of finish, and make sure that each one is properly cleaned after use. Gently squeeze or wipe off excess coating from the paint brushes, then wash appropriately: water and mild soap for synthetics, vegetable or linseed oil for naturals. Rinse till clear, flex the bristles to reaffirm shape, and store upright or hang to dry. The price of paint brushes does equate to end result, so invest a bit – the worth will definitely show!



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