Use a Snow Roof Rake to Sweep Away Debris

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Use a Snow Roof Rake to Sweep Away Debris

A snow roof rake is a must-have for anyone who rents or owns a house in an area that gets substantial snowfalls. Not only can the weight of the accumulated snow become too much for your roof to bear, but the melting snow can find a way to seep in and adversely affect the structure.

A broom can't remove all of the powder or slush, and a yard rake, in addition to being ineffective, has tines that can cause damage. The blade of a snow roof rake is specially designed to not scrape or scratch roof shingles, and some have chutes attached to make the swept snow come down easier. If yours does not have a chute, just stand far enough away from where the snow will come off, and make sure no one else or nothing that can be marred by the debris is near. Standing safely on the ground is all you have to do, as snow roof rake extensions can be added if it doesn't reach that far. The telescopic pole makes it convenient to fit right alongside your winter decorations, so everything needed for the colder weather is in one consolidated spot.



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