Door Hardware Complements Decor

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Door Hardware Complements Decor

There are two sides of door hardware. One side is all of the little pieces that make all of the bigger pieces fit into place and swing, slide, and fold out as it should. Bolts, fasteners, hangers, hinges, nuts, screws, track stops, and washers are rarely seen, thus no need for them to be pretty.

That's where the other side of door hardware comes in. French, etched glass, and carriage house panels turn the ordinary into the ornamental. Iron scrollwork overlay makes a storm door a grand entrance. Dining room doors resembling shutters add a touch of whimsy to gathering for a meal.

The backplates, knobs, knockers, latches, levers, locks, and plaques are ideal for subtle impression. This category of door hardware includes brass, bronze, chrome, crystal, glass, gold plated, iron, nickel, pewter, porcelain, silver, and steel finishes. Styles range from ancient Greece to medieval to polished Modernism to the Wild West, and every nuance in between. Door bells and chimes also reflect a variety of visual themes to match their audio delight. So for every piece of door hardware that's behind the scenes, there's plenty that make a statement.



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