Door Stops Illustrate Practicality and Style

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Door Stops Illustrate Practicality and Style

Say goodbye to dents, holes, and scratches from doors opening too hard. Door stops curb unsightly marks, reduce noise, and extend the durability of floors and walls. Which type is best for you?

There are flexible, rigid, smooth, and ridged floor stops mounted from the baseboard or the bottom of the door. Round magnetic door stops apply directly to the wall or door, and hinges are often placed on a panel's mid-point. Dome-shaped or flat round bumpers are available in self-adhesive models, or with hardware.

Although it may be minuscule to notice, door stops are now another functional accessory that also provides an aesthetic touch. Antique, matte, oil rubbed, polished, and satin finishes offer styles sure to blend in with any décor. If you're unsure about adhesive or nail marks, wedge door stops kick under the panel when needed. For a novelty flair, prop doors open with stops shaped like animals, sports equipment, shoes, people, and other funky designs.



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