Pocket Door Hardware Holds Sliding in Track

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Pocket Door Hardware Holds Sliding in Track

For a unique and space saving design between rooms, gather together pocket door hardware and materials and set up this wonderful partition. You can purchase the hardware piece by piece or in kits; it's recommended that you at least use a frame kit to insure measurements and installation are correct.

Remove any existing fasteners and check that you are not affecting any wiring. Start fresh with the pocket door hardware, as it is particular to this type of construction. Measure approximately twice the size of the door to accommodate its opening and closing (quadruple then for double doors), and use a level to make sure it glides evenly. A good way to test for parallel framing is to crisscross string in an “X” shape and check where the middle occurs. This also benefits accurate spacing if connecting two panels.

Pocket door hardware should include non-warping split studs or other appropriate fasteners, brackets, hinges, ball bearing rollers such as a tricycle hanger, anchors, and bumper guides. Complementary privacy latches, locks, and flush or pull edges top it off.



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