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How can I test the reversing feature on my automatic garage door?

Routine garage door tests

You should check the balance to make sure you can easily open or close your garage door manually. Balance also helps the reverse feature to work properly.

What are some other uses for a Flannel-backed plastic table cloth?

Flannel-backed plastic table cloth

-Place it on bed (flannel side up) when a young child is sleeping over.
-Use as a cover for items stored outside
-Put in a car trunk for a ground cover when needed
-Make into place mats

How can I eliminate order without an air freshener?

Quick room deodorizer

Add a couple drops of essential oil, like orange, lavender or clove to a cool light bulb of a nearby lamp. Turn it on, and as the light bulb warms, the fragrance will waft through the air!

How can I remove stains on my wooden table?

Wood Furniture Stain Removal

Use a 50/50 mixture of baking soda and white toothpaste to remove heat stains/ marks from wood furniture.

What is a convenient touch-up paint?

Touch-up Paint for Shiny Finishes

Black nail polish makes an easily applied, easily stored and inexpensive touch-up paint for shiny finishes. Works well on tile and black screws, however it may not work on surfaces that will get very hot.

What are some common paint brands?

5 of the Most Common Paint Brands

Choosing paint can be difficult enough without having to determine which brand equates to quality. Here are five of the most widely used paint brands and a bit of information on each.

Behr: This paint brand features one of the lower end cost options, strictly available at Home Depot. However, the brand does not spare when it comes to color options, as they literally have hundreds to choose from.

Benjamin-Moore: This particular paint brand is a favorite for home builders and construction teams alike. Available only at authorized paint brand stores, this selection is a bit more pricey than those found at home improvement warehouses. However, the difference is great in that the quality of Benjamin-Moore paints seems to be well worth the extra cost.

Valspar: This paint brand seems to be the Lowe's equivalent of a "house" paint brand, much like Behr is to the Home Depot. Good quality for a wide variety of household projects and a lower price scale. Many different colors to choose from.

Sherwin-Williams: this is another brand favored by builders and decorators. Sherwin-Williams is available only at brand specific locations, with a higher quality and a bit higher price tag.

Ralph Lauren: This paint brand features the moniker of fashion icon Ralph Lauren and is available only at the Home Depot and a few specialty shops.

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