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How do I caulk the bathtub?


When you caulk between the tub and the wall, fill the tub with water first. The weight of the water will make the tub drop from the empty level. If you caulk the tub empty, the weight will pull on the caulk when you fill the tub.

How do I hire a contractor?

Hiring a contractor

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a contractor is, "Do we think alike?". There are a lot of qualified contractors, so don't be afraid to interview several in order to find one you like personally.

How do I know my contractor is experienced?

Is your contractor experienced?

Check your contractor's tools before letting him start a job. If his tools are all brand new, he may not be as experienced as he claims. It is possible that his tools WERE all recently stolen, but check his references anyway.

How can I add some drama to my shower?

Dramatic shower wall

When designing a new shower, instead of a sheetrock shower wall, consider adding a dramatic effect with a glass block wall.

What can I use in place of a manufactured vanity?

Unique vanity

Instead of a manufactured vanity, consider using an antique dresser. A sink can be cut into the top, and any countertop material can be installed.

How long will my bath remodel take?

Time line

When establishing a time line for your bathroom remodel, keep in mind that a standard bathroom (five feet by eight feet) is large enough to accommodate only one or two workers. The amount of work a crew of six can do in a large room will take three times longer in a bathroom.

How do I waterproof my bathtub window?

Window in the shower

When converting a bathtub into a shower, the window over the tub can be waterproofed by replacing the window with glass blocks.

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