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How can I add light to a dark corner?

Dark corners

For that corner of the room that is always too dark, consider adding track lighting. If you have an existing ceiling light, it is a snap to replace it with track lights. I like to run track lights down the center of the ceiling, and then parallel to the walls, out from the walls about two feet. You can add a light fixture anywhere along the track. You don't even have to use the same fixtures throughout the room. Mix and match to suit your mood.

How do I add lights to my deck?

Dramatic deck

Accent lighting - Decks 69387
Adding low voltage lighting to your deck makes a dramatic difference. The wiring can be stapled under the deck boards, up the corner posts, or under the handrail. There are many different styles available. It doesn't take a lot of light to make the deck an elegant outdoor room.

Where should I put light fixtures?

Foyer chandelier

When designing the lighting for your project, think about practicality. If you have a 20' ceiling in your foyer, a chandelier is beautiful. However, in 6 months when the bulbs burn out, do you have a plan to change the bulbs? It might be better to move the fixture closer to the upstairs railing so you can reach the fixture.

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