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How do I make my countertop fit a crooked wall?

Crooked walls

When installing new countertops or backsplash, the wall is rarely straight. Instead of shaping the countertop to fit the wall, mark the high spots with a pencil and cut the sheetrock. Run a bead of caulk between the sheetrock and the new installation, and it will not be noticed.

How can I make a cutting board to match my countertops?

Sink cutout

When you install new countertops, keep the cutout for the sink to use as a cutting board. Square the edges on a table saw, round the corners with a router or sander, and you have a matching board.

How do I make my kitchen more efficient?


When designing your new kitchen, consider raising the dishwasher up off the floor. If your age bracket is creeping up (like mine), the raised dishwasher will be easier to load and unload.

Where should I store spices?

Spice drawer

To save space and add convenience, consider using a drawer for spice storage instead of cabinet space. The small containers will be easier to locate in a drawer, and the smaller space will force you to keep often used spices up to date.

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