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How do I make joint compound smooth?

Smoother joint compound

Before applying joint compound, it should be mixed well. To make it even smoother, squirt a quarter cup of dish soap into the bucket before mixing.

How do I repair nails coming out of my sheetrock?

Nail pops

If nails pop out of the wall, it is because they were not tight. To repair, put a sheetrock screw above and below each nail pop. Be sure to turn the screws enough to dimple the rock, but not enough to tear the paper. Fill the holes and repaint.

How do I repair a crack in the wall?

Easy fix

To repair cracks in sheet rock or plaster before painting, try this: Run a bead of paintable caulk along the crack, then smooth it out with a paint brush dipped in soapy water. It doesn't take much soap, but the more water you use, the smoother the repair will be. Let it dry well before painting. This is not a permanent repair, but it might get your security deposit back.

How do I patch nail holes?

Patching nail holes

To patch nail holes in sheet rock before painting, try using toothpaste. Put a dab on the hole, wet your finger, and smooth it out. Let it dry a few minutes before painting.

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