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Where is my breaker panel?

Electrical panel

Today, before you go to bed, make sure you know where your electrical breaker panel is. Also, know how to shut off the main breaker or fuse in case of emergency.

How do I wire a new outlet?

Add an outlet

You can add an outlet without tearing up the sheetrock. Carefully remove the base trim from the bottom of the wall. From an existing outlet, cut the sheetrock behind the base to the new location. Pull Romex from the old outlet, inside the wall, to the cut out. Run along the cutout to the new location and up the stud cavity. Install an old work box and outlet. Replace the base and you've done a professional job.

How do I replace my doorbell?


When a doorbell quits working, it is usually because of either a bad transformer or a broken wire. Either way, there is a simple way to repair it.
Wireless chimes are truly a boon to mankind. You hang the new chime in place of the old one. It is powered by batteries. Replace the old button by the door and the repair is complete. Be sure to cap the old wires and push them back into the wall.

How do I fix a ceiling fan that wobbles?

Unbalanced fans

If your ceiling fan wobbles, it is probably because the blades are of different weights. You can balance the blades by taping a coin, usually a nickel, on the back of the lightest blade. It is a trial and error process to find the lightest blade, but worth the effort.

How do I replace a 3-way switch?

Replacing 3-way switches

When replacing a 3-way switch, move the wires from the old switch to the new switch one at a time. This makes it easier to get them in the right place. Unlike a single pole switch, if any of the wires on a 3-way are reversed, the switches won't work correctly.

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