Using Gloss, Satin or Flat on Your Home

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Which finish is best to use?

Using Gloss, Satin or Flat on Your Home

How do you know which finish is best to use when painting your home? The answer requires analysis of a few factors. For instance, where do you live? Is it hot year round or do seasons change? The biggest factor in making the choice between a gloss and semi–gloss or flat is durability over aesthetics.

Consider this: On a bright sunny day a full gloss paint covering a two-story home will create amazing glare and bounce back light rendering it almost impossible to look at. Sure, gloss paint lasts longer than others, but will the trade off be worth it when a semi-gloss will do nicely and add greater aesthetics to your home?

There is one stigma associated with gloss surfaces -- shinny looks new and fresh! Sure, a flat finish leaves a neutral base, but a semi-gloss is better middle of the road finish.



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