Decorative Contact Paper Combines Function and Flair

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Decorative Contact Paper Combines Function and Flair

How can you update wall, door, and cabinet colors without paint or renovation? Use decorative contact paper. There are patterns and prints for almost any idea: hues, sheens, textures, florals, animals, animal stripes and spots, geometric, abstract, sports, cartoons, whimsical, traditional, vintage, and much more.

Decorative contact paper is a simple way to cover up smears or stains, and easy to remove markings should any occur. Use a border in one room to play off of the wall design from another. Instead of conventional square or rectangular strips, cut decorative contact paper into funky shapes and use along a hallway or on a closet. When you're done with these larger makeovers, use scrap pieces for finishing touches.

Never found the perfect wastebasket for the bathroom? Add a design that complements the shower curtain. Does everyone have their own storage bins for extra stuff? Personalize them with favored nuances. Soon enough, decorative contact paper will be your go-to solution for hair line leg or chair cracks, media center doors fading with age, and anything else in need of a little extra TLC.



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