Setting Up an Outdoor Clothesline Is Easy

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Setting Up an Outdoor Clothesline Is Easy

Before the day is over, you can dry your laundry on an outdoor clothesline. A pulley or retractable system will sustain the weight of the lines, and is adaptable to single family homes as well as apartment balconies. You can rig one or more lines from a wall to the outdoor clothesline post or between two posts. Another benefit to the pulley system is that the lines can be operated by seniors and petite people, and be removed when not in use.

If you would like to forgo a ready-made kit, try building your own outdoor clothesline. Decide on whether or not you will use existing posts (natural or man-made) or need to buy them. You will need appropriate brackets or anchors, screws, steel lines with plastic coating, and a crossarm for each post. You may need a shovel and/or saw if starting posts from scratch. Other tools include measuring tape, screws, hammer, drill, and of course, safety goggles. Have a freshly-washed load of laundry ready and break it in.



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